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About ODORE Logo


Odore Logo with Registered Icon Broaden

Odore logo is represented by an inner circle contained within an outer circle, and with the word “Odore” contained within the inner circle.


The root for Odore is the Latin word “odor”. Odor can mean “smell and fragrances”, and it can also mean “stench”. This dual meaning of Odor presents the concept of balance, such as in the balance between yin and yang, between hot and cold, between wet and dry.


This concept of balance blends well with the concept of well-being, which in general is about striking a balance in our life priorities. If we are unable to prioritise our daily activities in accordance with the needs of our bodies, we fall ill.


The inner circle contained within the outer circle aims to communicate the idea that if we are lost or confused, there is this tunnel open for us, and which will lead us to the brand Odore; and as we journey along this tunnel, it is hoped that we may feel a better sense of balance in your life.


Orange colour can have contrasting meaning. Thus, the orange colour in Odore logo reinforces the concept of balance implicit in the dual meaning of the Latin root “odor”.


Orange colour can mean encouragement, enthusiasm, determination and success, words that serve to motivate the people behind Odore; orange colour can also mean happiness, attraction, stimulation and warmth, words that describe the emotional responses that we at Odore like to see in our Customers whenever they own Odore products. Such emotional responses from Customers can only be achieved when they know they can rely upon Odore to conduct proper and adequate research and due diligence on all products and services that we offer.


Finally, orange colour is not as aggressive as red colour, and is not as dull as brown colour. Again, this sense of balance blends well with the idea of wellbeing.

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