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O-Points FAQ

When you make purchases on ODORE online shop (“online purchases”), you will earn O-Points which will automatically be redeemed on your subsequent online purchases.


O-Points are valid for three (3) months from date of online purchases.


If you are our new Customer, after you made your first online purchases, an online page will automatically be created for you, and will be protected by a password. The link to your online page and your password will be separately sent to you via SMS or email.


Your online page will show the history of your online purchases, O-Points earned, and O-Points redeemed. Please visit sample online page here. (password = 1234567)

And based on your past online purchases, your online page may also show our recommendations to you about new products, products on offer for festive periods, etc.


For more information, please refer to FAQ below.


If you still have queries, please contact us anytime for clarifications.

Thank you.


O-Points FAQ

Q:  What is the value of O-Points?

A:  For every online purchase:

Final amount paid = SGD 10.00

O-Points earned = One (1) O-Point (equivalent to SGD 1.00)

Q:  Over time, will value of O-Points change?

A:  Should there be changes, you may still redeem your O-Points at their old values. However, do bear in mind the three months validity of your O-Points.

Q:  How to redeem O-Points?

A:  Please visit sample online page here. (password = 1234567)

Q:  Can I redeem O-Points earned on the same day?

A:  No. O-Points earned on any particular date of online purchases can only be redeemed on subsequent dates of online purchases.

Q:  Can I redeem O-Points on other e-commerce sites?

A:  No. O-Points can only be redeemed for purchases at ODORE online shop.

Q:  Is my online page name case sensitive?

A:  No.

Q:  Is my password case sensitive?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can I change my online page name and password?

A:  Yes. Please message or email to us your preferred page name and/or password. When change(s) are implemented, you will receive a confirmation message or email from us.

All Prices in SINGAPORE DOLLARS inclusive of Goods & Services Tax at prevailing rate.

Until further notice, FREE DELIVERY to locations within Singapore Main Island for purchases SGD50.00 and above on a Single Online Transaction.


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Upon checkout, no immediate payment required. Instead, we shall follow up with you on Nett Amount Payable (after deduction of your available O-Points).