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Magnesium Oils

Magnesium in Our Bodies

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Magnesium is used by Enzymes in our bodies to ensure the proper functioning of our body cells.


Magnesium is thus one of the natural elements that our bodies use to heal and protect itself.

Magnesium enters our bodies via our consumption of Cereals, Cocoa, Nuts, Spices and Vegetables.


Magnesium is excreted from our bodies via our Feces, Urine and Sweat.

However, as we age, we tend to excrete more Magnesium due to changes in the way our bodies process our food intakes (ie. changes in our body metabolism).

Thus, as we age, the extent that our bodies may continue to use Magnesium to heal and protect itself is reduced.


Magnesium occurs naturally only in combination with other elements. For instance, Magnesium Chloride is found in Seawater and Sea Salts.


Magnesium Chloride has transdermal properties, that is, it is readily absorbed thru our skin and into our blood system. Consequently, besides consuming oral supplements to increase magnesium intake into our bodies, Magnesium Chloride presents itself as a viable alternative.


Medical and health related information presented on this site (“the information”) are general and anecdotal in nature, and intended only for informational purpose.

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The information is also not meant to substitute the advice provided by a trained and qualified medical professional.

If you suspect you have a medical condition or a health-related condition, you should consult a trained and qualified medical professional at the earliest opportunity.

If you are currently under treatment or medication prescribed by a trained and qualified medical professional, you should consult these professionals before using any products presented for sale by ODORE Pte Ltd.

ODORE Pte Ltd will neither be held responsible nor liable (either directly or indirectly) for any illness, medical or health condition, bodily damages of any kind, or loss of life incurred as a result of, or in connection with, the use or abuse of products purchased from us.

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