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Magnesium Oils

Magnesium Oil - Frequently Asked Questions

How is ODORE Magnesium Oil different from other magnesium oils in the market?

ODORE Magnesium Oil is sourced direct from Zechstein Minerals B.V. (“ZMBV”). ZMBV is the sole distributor in the world for magnesium oil extracted from the Zechstein seabed.


Zechstein seabed is located at Veendam (northern part of The Netherlands), and is about 1,500~2,000 metres below sea-level.


Zechstein seabed was untouched till year 1972, and is found to contain a layer of salt that is not only rich in

naturally occurring minerals, it also contains a rare and highly purified layer of magnesium salt called bischofite.


Bischofite is magnesium chloride in its liquid form (also know by its chemical name magnesium chloride hyrate MgCl2.6H2O). Subsequently, bischofite came to be known as magnesium oil due to its "oily" feel.

Many brands (including ODORE) claim their magnesium oils are from Zechstein seabed, how may I confirm such claims?


Magnesium oils from Zechstein seabed would have passed the quality process of Zechstein Inside ® Batch Protocol before being shipped out to world markets. So if a particular brand of magnesium oil claims it is from Zechstein seabed, it would show Zechstein Inside ® logo on its product label.


Secondly, magnesium oils that passed the quality process of Zechstein Inside ® Batch Protocol have the following unique features:

(1) Appears clear and transparent. Have little or no visible impurities.

(2) Smells fresh and therapeutic. Almost odourless.

(3) Smooth texture, feels like thousands of micro beads rolling. Not sticky.

For magnesium oils that had been scented with essential oils, such as in some of ODORE’s magnesium oils, their appearance may be cloudy. However, there should still be little or no visible impurities.

Finally, you may contact directly Zechstein Minerals B.V. to confirm if a particular brand of magnesium oil is indeed from Zechstein seabed.

Is it true magnesium oils can also be made by dissolving magnesium chloride flakes in water?


Yes. Research by the Magnesium Health Institute (based in Groningen, The Netherlands) suggests that dissolving magnesium chloride flakes in water are good for making magnesium oil with concentration of magnesium chloride less than 5%.


Such lower concentrations are generally suitable for use in magnesium baths.


For topical applications (as in application on skin surface of pain areas), higher concentrations of magnesium chloride are recommended.

However, please also ask how the magnesium chloride flakes are made. Usual process for making magnesium chloride flakes is to heat bischofite to about 160 degrees Celsius, then cool the solid substance left behind to obtain magnesium chloride flakes.


Due to the application of heat to bischofite, naturally occurring minerals in the bischofite would either be evaporated off, or decomposed into other substances (by products). Such by products are the “mist” that is formed when dissolving magnesium chloride flakes in water.


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The information is also not meant to substitute the advice provided by a trained and qualified medical professional.

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If you are currently under treatment or medication prescribed by a trained and qualified medical professional, you should consult these professionals before using any products presented for sale by ODORE Pte Ltd.

ODORE Pte Ltd will neither be held responsible nor liable (either directly or indirectly) for any illness, medical or health condition, bodily damages of any kind, or loss of life incurred as a result of, or in connection with, the use or abuse of products purchased from us.

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