ODORE company vision, mission and corporate values:  please read here

Job Scope:  sell products distributed by ODORE Pte Ltd

Work Days:  Wednesdays ~ Sundays

Rest Days:  Mondays ~ Tuesdays

Work Hours:  To be discussed

Work Locations:  Department Stores, Retail Shops, Roadshows

Speak:  English

Write:  English

Starting Salary:  Negotiable

Probation Period:  maximum three (3) months

Important Notes

(1) This job is open to both female and male candidates.

(2) This job has no age limit.

(3) Knowledge of skincare and beauty products is preferred.

(4) If candidate is not successful during probation period, the Management of ODORE Pte Ltd is not obliged to reveal the basis for its decision.

(5) If candidate is not successful during probation period, her/his employment with ODORE Pte Ltd will terminate on a date decided by the Management of ODORE Pte Ltd, and candidate will receive her/his salary (pro-rated where applicable) till termination date, and thereafter no further claims of monies or benefits-in-kind will be made against ODORE Pte Ltd.

(6)  If candidate is successful during probation period, and candidate accepts job offer from ODORE Pte Ltd, candidate will be required to sign an employment contract with ODORE Pte Ltd.


Please send following message to:


ODORE Sales Promoter

<Your Name and Family Name>

<Your Date of Birth>

<Your Gender>

For example:

ODORE Sales Promoter


01 Jan 1960


Please do not call. Thank You.

All Prices in SINGAPORE DOLLARS inclusive

of Goods & Services Tax at its prevailing rate.


Office & Warehouse

20 Sin Ming Lane, 05-63 Midview City

Singapore 573968

Operating Hours:  by Appointment Only

m:  +65 9752 2854  /  +65 9752 7408

f:    +65 6463 0869 

e:   enquiries @ odore.com.sg

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