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This position has re-opened again.

INTERN (Business Data Analyst)


Product Range:

Naturally-based personal care products for skin issues and pain relief.


Starting Monthly Salary = $1,000

Review Period = One Month

Monthly Salary after Review = $1,200 ~ $1,500

CPF Contribution: Yes


Internship Duration: about six months

Option to be continue employment as Part-Time / Full-Time Staff:  YES

Basic Candidate Requirements:

: English language, written and spoken

: familiar with spreadsheets (eg. MS Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)

: familiar with E-commerce platforms

: familiar with word processing

: possess own laptop or desktop computer with internet access

Preferred Candidate Requirements;

: Singaporean Citizen and/or Permanent Residents

: familiar with other languages (eg. Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, etc.)

: already using own skincare, face care and/or hair care regime

: familiar with e-commerce operations

: familiar with naturally-based remedies (eg. essential oil blends, herbs, etc.)


Following Candidates are also welcome to apply:

: with speech and hearing disabilities

: with impairment to lower limbs


Work Scope:

(1) Data entry.

(2) Data analysis (guidance will be provided).

(3) Periodic scan of e-commerce sites.

(4) Periodic updates to e-commerce sites.


Work from Home: (1), (2) & (3)


Work on Location at company premises (Midview City): (4)

: lifts with wheelchair access available

: common toilet with wheelchair access available


Work Days (on Location):

: Mondays ~ Fridays

Work Hours (on Location):

: 10am ~ 5pm

: includes 45mins meal break


Application Details - please provide:

: Recent Photo (no makeup)

: Date of Birth

: City and Country of Birth

: Gender

: Marital Status

: Brief description of prior work experience

: Brief description of current gigs and/or freelance work

: Brief medical history of illnesses (if any)

: Brief description of developmental disorder (eg. autism) (if any)

: Brief history of substance abuse (eg. alcohol) (if any)

: Brief history of rehabilitation (eg. drugs, crime) (if any)

Do you feel put off or prejudiced by above application details?

Don't worry, we strive to be inclusive and to provide equal employment opportunities, but you must first be truthful to us.

Please email above application details to:

odore.staff.matters @

(please do not include testimonies and/or letters of commendation, these are no longer relevant in recent times)


Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview, either in person or via video call.


Thank You.


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