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How Accurate is Astrology?



Astrology readings can be more valid and reliable when we consider the context and history behind the questions you are asking.

In the legal profession, lawyers, prosecutors and judges first understand the context of cases and their chronology of events, then compare case contexts with the relevant legal frameworks to ascertain how the law may be applied, and how judgments may be delivered. There is no right or wrong. For instance, judgments may be flawed due to omissions of fact. However, consequences of the judgments delivered will be studied by those in the legal fratenity, and will set precedents for how future cases may be assessed.

In the medical profession, doctors and healthcare professionals first understand the context of patients and their medical history, then make a prognosis. Further tests (where necessary) will be conducted to determine a diagnosis and followup checks, medications and treatment procedures. Again, there is no right or wrong. For example, there are instances of medical misdiagnoses. This is one reason doctors buy medical malpractice insurance. However, the outcomes of medications and treatment procedures administered will set precedents for how future medical cases may be diagnosed and managed.


Similarly with any science. Before starting any research work, researchers first conduct a literature survey to have a grasp of the current status of knowledge (history) in a particular field of science. The researchers then scope their research questions, frame their hypotheses, and then conduct observations, surveys and/or statistical experiments to validate their hypotheses. Again, there is no right or wrong. Statistical calculations are judgment calls. Deductions from statistical experiments is more art than mechanics. However, the results of current research will form the foundation for future researchers to continue to build knowledge.


All above share something in common. That is, observations and measured data are correlated with peoples’ reactions and/or how events manifest themselves to establish guidelines and frameworks for future decisions. Astrology is no different. Observation and measured data about the movements of planets are correlated to the behaviours of people and events on earth.


While some may argue that Astrology is less “rigorous” in its approach, perhaps the same may be said for ... say ... financial analyses? Financial analyses involve mathematical equations and theories, yet how many of us had prospered based on chart readings and on an understanding of financial equations? Had people became billionaires attributed their prosperity to their understanding of financial equations?

Common observations tell us that for those who had prospered, they had prospered due to intimate knowledge of the situation on hand, as well as of the context and its history. This is one reason that some people resorted to insider trading to prosper. They sought to cash-in from their intimate knowledge about the situation on hand, its context and its history.

Astrology provides guidelines on how to better manage our lives by using the movements of planets as markers. This is no less different from looking at prices (of stocks, shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.). No less different for a scientist looking at statistical data to decide on the validity of their hypotheses. No less different for doctors looking at the outcomes of medical treatments to inform future prognosis. No less different for lawyers looking at legal judgments to guide future case assessments.


The practice of Astrology is a long tradition. In older days, people used knowledge of movements of planets to better manage their crop harvests and animal husbandry. Now in present time, our living routines and lifestyles are more complex, but the movements of celestial bodies continue their similar orbits as they did thousands of years ago, perhaps with slight variations as is usual for natural phenomena (eg. precessions) . Similarly for the practice of scientific discipline, medical expertise, legal framework and of other professions.


Therefore, for astrology to be more valid and reliable, we need to know the contexts and histories for the questions we are asking. Just as scientists do, just as medical doctors do, and just as lawyers do. It is futile to do astrology readings without reading up on our news, without catching up with social media, and without keeping up with the times. Astrology reading by a mysterious eccentric in isolation within a quaint dark room while arrogating some connections of sorts with the divine is probably not the way to go, no longer the way to go, and likely not the way it should be moving forward.

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